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Direct Fired Ovens

T&T has over 30 years experience in remanufacturing, upgrading and relocating direct fired ovens. The photos and accompanying text for each direct fired oven project provide insight and valuable information illustrating T&T‘s expertise in the remanufacture of direct fired baking ovens.

The most important decision the buyer of a used direct fired oven can make is the choice of the company handling the relocation and upgrade work. T&T encourages you to consider their experience and reputation in this specialized field.

T&T Installed its first 12ft x 90ft long direct fired tunnel oven in the USA in 1984.

At the time, this tunnel oven had the 4 way FM Air Proof Cock system for burner management for its 94 ribbon burners.

In 2018, T&T upgraded this tunnel oven with the latest NFPA compliant system with individual flame management, adding new Low-Nox type ribbon burner technology.

The 36 year old T&T Direct Fired tunnel oven technology with the new burner system still delivers baking quality combined utilizing the latest safety standards.

In 2015 T&T was contacted by a customer in Wisconsin with a very old Alto direct fired tunnel oven that they used for pizza crust baking. The oven was over 40 years old, with a 4 way FM air proof cock system.

Their complaint was uneven, inconsistent baking, inability to raise temperature and difficulty lighting the burners.

T&T upgraded the burner system with an all new Individual burner flame management and ignition system in 2016. The results are shown in the after pictures.

T&T also brought this very old baking oven in to NFPA safety compliance.

With improved baking quality, their sales increased resulting in their ability to build a new building expansion and order a brand new oven, doubling the the capacity of their existing direct fired pizza oven.

T&T delivered this new oven in 2018, starting it up within 5 days.

The customer was extremely pleased, as seen in their testimonial.

For a video of the oven in production and more information on the oven technology, see Direct Fired Tunnel Ovens.

In 2009, T&T received a referral to a Wisconsin bakery that had just purchased a used B.P. # 960 direct fired tunnel oven at an auction, original age unknown. Based on the original ribbon burner design, our guess is the oven was from the early 1950’s.

The company handling the sale and removal was supposed to install and upgrade the oven. However, shortly after the oven was delivered to the buyer’s site, the bakery fired the seller/installer from the project. When meeting with the general manager and shown the oven in their “backyard” T&T clearly understood the reasons for the firing.

The before photos show the oven condition and how it was delivered to the buyer’s location.

T&T accepted the challenge to make “lemonade out of this lemon”.

The after photos show our work, which was completed in 2010.

The bakery continues to use this oven with no issues. T&T was contacted in early 2020 inquiring about T&T building a new oven loader and unloader for the oven. Work on building this new equipment commenced in mid-2020. The T&T oven loader and unloader designs can also be seen in our web site. 

“Good work will result in repeat business”.

T&T was contacted through our website by a large pie producer in Salt Lake City, Utah. They were preparing to purchase a bakery location and were in the market for a large capacity pie oven.

T&T located an old B.P. #960 oven with steel plates in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

T&T quoted a turn key installation with the oven totally remanufactured and upgraded. The 64 burner tunnel oven was upgraded with the latest burner flame safety management, meeting Factory Mutual standards for its time.

Completed in 2007, the project was delivered on time and on budget, as shown in the before and after photos. The customer was pleased with his experience working with T&T and provided us with a great testimonial.

In our experience, there is no used or old oven that T&T cannot upgrade to meet current safety and operational standards.

Over the years, T&T’s installations of our remanufactured ovens provide compatible baking performance to new ovens for 50-60% costs against new.

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