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Direct Fired Tunnel Ovens

T&T has been building direct fired tunnel baking ovens since early 1980. See the latest 2018 installation for high temperature high speed pizza crust. We consider the direct fired ribbon burner tunnel oven the most flexible oven for baking technology today. This type of oven can be used for bread, bagels, croissants, cakes, muffins, pita bread and pizza crust. Due to its modular design the oven can be extended for additional capacity in the future. With our design, we can add/build in new hybrid technology with impingement, which can provide controlled air velocity over or under the product.

Over the years, ribbon burner technology has improved so much that we are able to introduce it into our design, which we call, “adaptive burner control”.

The proprietary T&T Consulting & Engineering oven control system utilizes contemporary leading brands PLC and operator touch screen HMI for easy oven performance, monitoring and operation. The control system allows for individual zone and subzone (top and bottom) temperature settings. Optional recipe based set up and programming is also available.

Through many years of implementing various tunnel baking oven temperature controls, T&T Consulting and Engineering developed fundamental principles allowing customers to have state of the art oven controllability utilizing well-known and readily available system components. These principals allow customers to have highly reliable, field-tested systems with high efficiency performance at low maintenance costs.

The proprietary adaptive temperature control is based on the individual burner zone operation, independent upswing and down swing control algorithms and temperature, and air supply actuator position sensing.

Each zone top/bottom burner clusters have independent behavior depending on the zone location, the quality of airflow distribution throughout the zone location, quality of the thermocouple insulation, and quantity of the burners and their respective location.

Therefore, our adaptive temperature control system’s operation relies on the specific temperature sensor positioning as well as the monitoring of true actuator valve position.

The control system during the temperature upswing/rising, (in case the oven runs empty) uses its ability to turn off a few designated burners in each zone to eliminate temperature overrides.

As the temperature suddenly declines (when product enters the empty oven), the system utilizes different control algorithms to recognize when idle burners have to be reignited.

The control system interrogates high flame actuator position to reignite burners at the safest time. Thus, this type of burner system control can also deliver long term energy savings.

The developer secure HMI screens allow precision tweaking of each zone’s parameters during system commissioning. The system control components allow the basic design to be customized for a specific application.

Temperature dynamics in a tunnel baking oven are relatively slow compared to the overall bake time of the product. Temperature stability in each particular zone has to be analyzed in connection with the total amount of heat consumed by the product for the total length of the bake chamber. It is very important to avoid flash heat/baking flares while providing the highest productivity rates of the oven.

This is why our oven control has built-in tools allowing adaptation to each specific zone behavior.  We especially concentrate our efforts on avoiding temperature overruns while maintaining fast recovery rates, without sacrificing any safety aspects of the system.

At T&T we are implementing an approach: the product will consume the required amount of energy to bake it which varies during the year due to dough variations. The ultimate criteria to evaluate oven operation is the quality of the bake. Our task is to provide a smooth, stable temperature profile throughout each oven zone with the fastest possible recovery when temperature fluctuates. Obviously, the entrance and discharge areas of the oven bake chamber can be affected by air drafts and cannot be compared with the middle zone stability. Our adaptive controls however, can deliver supreme overall oven performance. We achieve that performance by using the best control components and creative software development customized for each application. We also allocate time at start up to fine tune the system by using built-in special HMI screens with multiple tools for each zone.

SIZES: 12-13 ft wide x over 120 ft long.

                      This direct fired technology can be extended to add more baking capacity.      

BELTING: Steel Plate, stone hearth, mesh belt or flat wire.

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