Tomas Tassy

Tomas Tassy, Sr., President and Founder.

Frank Tassy Sr., Tom’s father, was a design engineer, inventor, and owner of his own Heating Technology business in Hungary, where he taught young Tomas a lot in the various combustion systems and technologies available at the time. Young Tomas had no idea that this knowledge would eventually be very useful and applicable to the baking technology business he runs today.

Just before graduating from a technical college where he studied Machine Technology and Design, Tomas escaped the communist regime in Hungary in 1970. After spending three years in Switzerland he immigrated to Canada in 1973, where, in Toronto, he took extensive English language courses. Soon after learning the English language he began to study the North American standards in Machine Technology and Design through various night courses.

With this knowledge and determination to learn and further his own technological education, Tomas accepted a position in 1978 with Food Machinery Engineering (F.M.E.) Co. in Toronto, Canada.  At F.M.E., Tomas learned hands-on about the bakery automation business and baking ovens. While at F.M.E., he also traveled to the Middle East to represent the company and train staff to maintain the bakery lines and systems that F.M.E. sold within the region.

Tomas strengthened his problem solving abilities rapidly at this time, due to a lack of support systems, available spare parts and any maintenance programs at these bakeries.  Therefore, he trained the bakeries staff for maintenance and repairs. He also prepared proper equipment user guides, maintenance guides, onsite troubleshooting guides, and provided organizational recommendations to supplement that training.

When Tomas returned form the Middle East in 1983 he was sent by F.M.E. to Los Angeles, California, to Western Bagel Baking Corp.  After successfully resolving serious equipment problems there, the owners at Western Bagel asked Tomas to join their team.  He was invited to assist with the new construction of a major Bagel Automation facility including a building expansion for a new tunnel baking section.

This is when and where Tomas Tassy Sr. founded T&T Consulting and Engineering, Inc., in 1983. He helped design, layout and install the Phase 1, 3000 dozen per hour bagel automation for Western Bagel Baking Corporation that is still operating today.  The company and its owners are still current T&T customers.  In 1983 Western Bagel was highly successful and renowned around the West Coast for the quality and taste of its bagel.  All bagels were made by hand, baked in a revolving tray oven, and boiled in a round 50-gallon kettle.  The owners were worried about going fully automated without prior testing of high-volume automation or without the availability of equivalent equipment at that time.  However, Tomas, with the team of F.M.E. engineers, built a high-volume 11 wide by 140 long boil and baking line that managed to simulate and maintain the bagel quality produced by Western Bagel.  This Western Bagel Baking system still produces the best tasting bagel in the industry.

In 1988, Tomas was invited by the owner of a Chicago, Illinois, bagel bakery Brooklyn Bagel Boys to join them in building and automating its operation from a revolving oven bake system to a tunnel oven system. Tomas was also offered ownership in the bakery.  By utilizing used equipment, remanufacturing and redesigning them to mirror various technologies on the market, Tomas implemented a 2500 dozen per hour system which included three, 1000 dozen/hour makeup lines, a 10 wide by 80 long tunnel oven with auto loader and submerged bagel boiler, two spiral coolers, and three slicing and packaging lines. One of the packaging machines was completely built by Tomas and put online in 1990 which ran consistently for 7 years after at 60 bags/minute.

In 1992, the owners of Brooklyn Bagel Boys sold their operation to Maple Leaf Bakery and retired. Tomas continues assisting and serving the baking industry as T&T Consulting and Engineering, Inc.

Tomas still believes and conducts business with the old fashioned business values of honesty, integrity and trust.  He insists on delivering his projects to customers expectations and approval.