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Engineering Services

T&T and its associates offer complete turn-key automations increasing product consistency and quality, and reducing labor costs.

T&T can integrate existing older equipment with new equipment offering savings to our customers.

T&T also represents all new engineered and manufactured equipment including:

  • New pizza crust impingement ovens
  • Direct and indirect-fired tunnel baking ovens
  • New high temperature pizza ovens
  • New multi-deck thermal oil tunnel ovens
  • New large capacity tray proofers for pans and/or boards
  • Step proofers for pans or boards
  • Conveyors and conveyor systems
  • Flour, sugar, and cinnamon dusters
  • Sesame, poppy, and onion seeders
  • Large and small capacity bagel baking lines
  • Tunnel oven loaders and un-loaders
  • New dough lifters and hoists
  • New dough chunkers and feeders
  • Auto pan and board brush and vacuum systems
  • Wire type all stainless gravity product slide chutes
  • Complete bagel producing plants (semi- or fully-automated)
  • Complete cookie production and baking lines
  • Automated pita bread production facilities
  • Various semi- and fully-automated roll lines
  • Rebuild and install pre-owned conveyors and conveyor systems
  • New ambient product cooling spirals
  • New English muffin griddles
  • T&T travels worldwide to offer their services

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