Services / Engineering Services

T&T and its associates reverse-engineer and remanufacture pre-owned baking ovens and process equipment and perform a complete mechanical and electrical overhaul in the process.  It ensures that all used and originally built North American and or European built equipment meets present North American user and safety standards.

T&T also offers and represents all new engineered and manufactured equipment including:

  • Direct and Indirect-fired tunnel baking ovens
  • Build all-new or rebuild and install pre-owned conveyors and conveyor systems
  • Bagel make up lines
  • Flour, sugar, and cinnamon dusters
  • Sesame, poppy, and onion seeders
  • Large capacity bagel baking lines
  • Small capacity bagel baking lines
  • Tunnel oven loaders and un-loaders
  • New dough lifters and hoists
  • New dough chunkers and feeders
  • Auto pan and board brush and vacuum systems
  • Wire type all stainless gravity product slide chutes
  • Complete bagel producing plants (semi- or fully-automated)
  • Complete cookie production and baking lines
  • Complete tortilla producing lines
  • Automated pita bread production facilities
  • Various semi- and fully-automated roll lines
  • All new Flexible Flour silos
  • T&T will travel worldwide to offer any services

Engineering ServicesEngineering Services