Services / Troubleshooting

  • Do you experience heat loss around your
    oven and baking area?
  • Do your employees show fatigue related
    to excess heat generated by
    your baking ovens, resulting in reduced performance/output?
  • Are you spending too much on energy in order to operate cooling and
    ventilation equipment that cools down your baking area?
The solution is to reduce the dissipating heat loss
from your baking oven by letting T&T re-insulate
it using non-asbestos type insulation.  The result
will also lead to improved baking performance from an
older oven.  The obvious payback to you is the recapture
of energy, increased baking efficiency and quality,
reduced cost of running cooling equipment and increased productivity.
  • Do you utilize tunnel ovens with older atmospheric
    types of burner technology?
  • Do you experience problematic ignition,
    limited burner efficiency,
    uneven bake, high energy costs, dirty and
    plugged-up ribbon
    burners, etc.?
Let  T&T offer the solution by redesigning and
upgrading these systems to a more efficient premix
type with individual burner spark monitors
and flame rectification.  The benefits are
improved safety, improved burner efficiency, better
baking quality, and less maintenance.
  • Do you experience uneven bake, too low baking
    temperatures, burners staying in high-fire
    mode, and inability to achieve modulation on
    your indirect-fired tunnel oven system?
T&T resolves such problems for our
customers, greatly improving their ovens’
overall efficiency. We can improve the
baking performance of various European
as well as USA manufactured ovens. A structurally sound older oven upgraded by
T&T can be a viable investment
for any size bakery operation.