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Indirect Fired Ovens

T&T has over 30 years experience in remanufacturing, upgrading and relocating indirect fired ovens. The photos and accompanying text for each indirect fired oven project provide insight and valuable information illustrating T&T‘s expertise in the remanufacture of indirect fired baking ovens.

The most important decision the buyer of a used indirect fired oven can make is the choice of the company handling the relocation and upgrade work. T&T encourages you to consider their experience and reputation in this specialized field.

In late 2019 T&T was contacted by a customer in the Southeast US with a serious problem. The company scheduled to do work on a Gemini/WP tunnel oven, backed out of the work at the last minute. This oven was purchased used from a West Coast bakery and a rigging company removed and installed it for the Southeastern bakery.

The oven was not working properly and the bakery shut down was scheduled during the Christmas holidays. We were told, if we could not fix the oven, the bakery owners were already considering scrapping it.

We presented the holiday shut down schedule to our crew and they stepped up to the challenge. The photos show the 2 phase rebuild process T&T proposed.

Phase # 1: Structural upgrades and complete re-insulating of the oven

During the exploratory work, after removing all the insulation, we found a huge separation of the heat exchanger in the oven’s first zone. This damage was threatening the on time completion of the oven upgrade, but T&T managed to do a quick patch.

T&T re-insulated the oven with all new insulation materials, and closed up the oven. During start up and test bake, the customer noted improved baking performance and consistency.

Phase # 2: Complete combustion and temperature controls upgrade work

Seeing that the oven now was delivering better baking performance, the customer found the controls upgrade we proposed was now justified. Upon returning to T&T‘s home base, we received the PO for the Phase 2 work on this indirect fired oven.

The T&T designed, built and installed, new combustion and electrical controls upgrade, continued to deliver to the customer’s expectations.

In 2012 T&T was selected to build an automated baking and product cooling section for a large bakery expansion. In order to maximize the financial benefit to the customer, T&T offered to integrate into this system a remanufactured large capacity indirect fired tunnel baking oven.

We sourced a 12ft wide x 100ft indirect fired Winkler tunnel oven, which we completely remanufactured and brought to a “Like New” condition. In order to accommodate the bakery’s new facility, the oven had to be reduced to a 75ft bake chamber.

During the process of dismantling the oven a major problem raised its ugly head. The first steam zone was totally rotted out. In spite of the unseen and therefore unknown issue with the steam zone, we delivered the remanufactured oven in “like new” condition with the new steam zone built on site. 

To complete the automation, T&T also designed and built all new oven loading, unloading product depanning, conveying and spiral cooling systems. With the integration of the remanufactured indirect tunnel oven the customer was able to save up to 50% of the cost of a new tunnel oven at the time. This savings allowed the customer to use its financial resources for other infrastructure and bakery build out costs.

The photos and videos show a complete picture of before, during and after for this project.

During 2006 to 2008, T&T was recommended to a large overseas bakery to rebuild their (2) B.P. indirect fired tunnel ovens, on site. The bakery would shut down one oven at a time, curtain off the area and our crews did the rebuild work. After the first oven was put back into operation, they shut down the second B.P. oven for rebuilding and achieved the same end result.

T&T completely took the ovens down and rebuilt them from the ground up. We had to do a lot of onsite reverse engineering work to bring these old but very good indirect fired baking ovens back to life.

Once again, we did the work on these two oil fired old bread ovens without OEM assistance.

The customer wanted to save money and T&T delivered the quality and workmanship rebuilding these old ovens enabling the customer to produce the product quality and consistency they were looking for.

The accompanying photos show the process from start to finish.

In early 2004, a large bakery in the Chicago area approached T&T with the desire to relocate a 12ft x 100ft long Winkler tunnel oven. As can been seen from the before pictures, the oven was in poor condition. Not many companies would touch this oven with the hope of restoring it to reliable operating condition. Many would have suggested that the bakery scrap the oven.

However, at T&T we love a challenge…

We rebuild older baking ovens from the ground up.

The oven had major structural damage in the combustion towers and in the first/steam zone. T&T‘s handling of the structural upgrade work is shown in the progress pictures.

The bakery was so impressed with the rebuilt oven’s quality, that they decided to have all new stainless steel outer panels fabricated locally for the oven.

For a bakery, the most important equipment is the baking oven. At the end of the day, the final product and baking quality is what a bakery’s reputation and business relies on.

This large bakery could easily have afforded a new baking oven. However, after our presentation, they felt T&T could save them considerable costs with the rebuilt option. With the saved money they were able to invest in other items in the new facility. From the oven rebuilding, the project expanded when they added a monorail proof box, conveyor, depanner, oven loader and unloader; all installed by T&T.

T&T can remanufacture a used baking tunnel oven for about 50% savings against an all new oven with compatible baking performance.


in 2002, one of our network companies recommended T&T to a very large US brand for relocating and upgrading their AMF Cycle thermic steel plate oven for cake baking.

The oven was remanufactured with up to date gas train assemblies, combustion safety systems and completely new electrical control panel built by T&T.

The quality of our workmanship is shown in the accompanying before and after photos.

At T&T we rebuild baking ovens from the ground up. We do not believe in relocating larger and wider tunnel baking ovens by disconnecting and rigging in sections. This is especially true for older ovens.

The purchase and relocation of these ovens provides the bakery the opportunity to have their baking oven reinstalled and updated with the latest combustion controls and safety systems.

T&T‘s remanufacturing of older ovens, can deliver compatible baking performance for 50-60% the cost of a new oven.

T&T also offers, designs and builds all new direct fired and indirect fired tunnel baking ovens.

T&T offers the baking industry the economical option of used and remanufactured bakery ovens.


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