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Flour Dusters, Cinnamon
Sugar Dusters, Seeders

T&T offers custom designed dusters/dispensers for:

  • Flour
  • Corn meal
  • Cinnamon sugar
  • Japanese crumb
  • Poppy and sesame seeder
  • Wet onion seeder

In 2018, T&T received a utility design patent for its “Particulate Dispensing Design” for high capacity dough sheeting lines. The design utilizes multiple flour dusting units on a long sheeting line, receiving flour medium from a silo use bin automatically. Special rotary airlocks used on the top of each duster position are connected with delivery piping in a closed loop design layout. Excess flour is reclaimed and blown back in to the used flour bin. The automatic level control in each dusting unit eliminates manual loading into flour hoppers. The reduction of manual loading eliminates excess flour on the sheeting line.

The design improves sanitation and reduces maintenance issues arising from flour dust and particulates depositing onto bearings, power transmission parts and electrical components. In 2015, T&T received a design award from American Society of Baking (ASB) for its sanitary design.

Our dusters are all stainless steel construction with variable speeds, and are custom designed with support brackets to accommodate customers’ existing conveyors and/or process equipment.

The unique dispenser mandrel design ensures even and consistent distribution of fine and course particulates across the belt width onto the product. The easily adjustable UHMW dusting width, excess flour or particulates do not drop on to the conveyor frame.

Automated Flour Dusting and Reclaim for Sheeting Lines

For many years T&T has worked around automated sheeting lines from manufacturers such as Reon, Tromp, Rondo, and Rademaker where multiple flour sifters on a line have been refilled by hand for many years. This resulted in a lot of flour waste on and around the equipment. Flour dust settling on equipment gets into bearings, electrical controls and wiring resulting in constant maintenance problems and ongoing sanitation issues.

Flour dust in bakeries also sends up a red flag to the FDA and local health departments due to increased flour dust inhalation related health problems.

T&T recognized the need for a better solution to handle dusting flour on sheeting lines. As a result T&T designed a closed loop flour dusting system for sheeting lines. The multiple dusting stations, are fed by a separate “Use Bin” from a flour silo. The system is a closed loop piped with the use of a rotary airlock at each duster and via vacuum the excess flour is recycled back in to the bin. Automatic level control in each dusting hopper maintains the proper flour level. Because the hoppers are closed, there is no excess flour waste and dust as was created by hand dumping. Our dusters are specially designed to easily disassemble into three sections for maintenance and cleaning.

In 2016 T&T applied for a provisional Patent and in May 2018 T&T received the US patent for this design.

In 2015 T&T submitted its design to the ASB Innovation Awards and received an Operational Excellence Award for it.

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