T&T Consulting and Engineering, Inc., has decided to put our vast knowledge and experience in baking ovens to good use by offering our customers newly built tunnel baking ovens in various sizes to match capacity requirements. We have been remanufacturing and upgrading Direct- and Indirect-fired baking ovens since the mid 1970’s. Over the years, we have successfully resolved various baking performance problems for our customers on many different types of oven designs from North America and Europe. Through our many years of hands-on experience, we have learned to differentiate between successful and unsuccessful oven designs currently in industry.  Most importantly, we have found that the best and most successful oven designs on the used market have been underutilized.  In addition, new tunnel oven prices today are nearly unreachable for small to medium sized baking operations.

This is precisely the reason we have put together design and manufacturing teams with the combined Tunnel Baking Oven building experience of over 30 years. Our oven designs are presently being utilized in the Western United States, the Midwest and Canada. We can provide references upon request.

Many mid-to large-size bakeries have been using our indirect-fired oven designs since the mid 1970’s.  We can offer our customers Direct-Fired Ribbon Burner Tunnel ovens with steel plate, grid hearth flat wire or mesh belt from 39″-14′ wide and over 100 ft long.  The combustion system contains the most advanced ignition and safety controls including PLC capability for easy temperature changeovers as product demand changes.

We have successfully remanufactured and upgraded several Winkler Ovens over the years.  They include the following advantages:  a mesh belt, auto tracking and tensioning, a steam zone, belt preheat ability and large capacity packaged burners for combustion.  Customers often prefer the added BTU capacity on a tunnel oven rather than constantly operate a single burner 80 long oven in constant high-fire mode.  We know this because several of our customers asked us to rework their single burner ovens in order to upgrade and improve their heat distribution.

Therefore, we always build our ovens with at least 2 packaged burners for ovens of 70 to 80 foot length, and more for longer ovens.  Just as with our direct-fired ovens, we offer PLC-controlled combustion, safety and temperature controls as part of a standard package.  The ovens range in size from 39 to 14 wide and to over 100 in length.  If your company orders a new oven from T&T, we will consider older ovens as trade-ins upon purchasing.  For our prospective customers, we offer highly competitive pricing structures and look forward to working with you.