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T&T offers Automated Waterfall type conveyorized lye applicators.  We have been building large capacity bagel boilers since the early 1980s.  The 12 ft wide system in the photos below was built and installed in 2004, as a combination waterfall type or submerged in water bagel bath.  This system has been operating practically maintenance free since it was installed.  In 2014 marked the first repair when we needed to replace a circulating pump.  For a lye system, we only need to change from water to lye application.

With the built in elevator, the system is easily accessible for maintenance and sanitation.  The photos show the entire conveying system raised up out of the liquid tank.  The system can also be built with filtration.

We can build systems like this from a single board wide up to 15 ft wide for direct hearth tunnel overn loading or with reciprocator, in to pans.  T&T has its own board grouper, board unloader and depositor in to tunnel oven design.

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