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T&T offers new custom designed dusters for:
Flour, Corn Meal, Corn Starch, Cinnamon Sugar, Japanese Crumb, etc.
All stainless construction, variable speed, custom designed with support brackets to fit customer’s existing conveyors and/or process equipment.

The unique dispensing mandrel design in our dusters ensures an even and consistent distribution of fine and course dusting particulates across the width.
With the easy adjustable UHMW dusting width, no excess flour or particulates drop on to the conveyor frame.

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Flour Duster:
T&T builds flour dusters from 16″ wide to 12′ wide. They can be designed for gluten flour, rice flour and starch, and contain variable volume control and all stainless steel construction.

12′ Long Cornmeal Duster:
Composed of stainless steel, this cornmeal duster can be used for a variety of applications.  Please contact us for ideas of how this product can help your company.

Cinnamon Sugar Duster:
T&T custom-built this cinnamon sugar duster for a large donut producer.