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Impingement Ovens

The specially built T&T impingement oven is designed for high speed and high temperature par baking pizza crust, flat bread, pie crust, cookies, crackers, etc. With smaller flame burners and heat circulating blowers situated in a multiple zone design, T&T achieves desired redundancy in the event of a heating zone failure. Should a heating zone failure occur, the impingement oven can continue to produce with one burner zone out. The production run can be completed and the problem can be fixed with off the shelf replacement parts and components. During the design process, major emphasis was placed on reduced installation time. This is achieved with modularly pre-built, primarily pre-wired oven sections. This particular oven was installed and started up in 4 workdays in two USDA facilities. This design can be easily extended to offer future added baking capacity.

All T&T impingement ovens built in the USA.

Design features include:

  • Stainless steel prefabricated and insulated modular oven sections
  • Optional stainless steel internal and external sections for wash down duty
  • Large access doors for clean out and maintenance
  • Pull out, easy replaceable damper assembly design.
  • 90% factory pre-wiring option
  • All burner systems factory installed and tested
  • Full modulating burners
  • Optional internal bake chamber wash system
  • Optional belt brush and wash system
  • Optional recipe-based operation through PLC
  • Optional auto belt tracking
  • Adjustable air velocity for even distribution above and below the product
  • Mesh belt, steel band, stone hearth, etc.
  • T&T proprietary adaptive burner controls with PLC and touchscreen


CONVEYOR: mesh belt, stone hearth or steel band conveyor

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