T&T Consulting and Engineering, Inc. is a custom manufacturing and problem solving company.   We offer our customers a wide variety of services including remanufactured automated bakery lines, reverse engineered equipment, electrically engineered touch-screen controls, and insurance damage assessments. Our services suit businesses of all sizes, from small retail facilities to fully automated facilities exceeding 100,000 sq. ft.

T&T provides its employees with excellent career growth opportunities and is looking to hire novice Field Engineers to train with the prospect of becoming a Project Manager.  The right candidate will quickly move into a Project Manager position.  Here at T&T you will have the freedom to grow in your knowledge of machine design and practice of high volume processing machinery.

The Field Engineer will work closely with a Project Manager to quickly become knowledgeable of the methodologies implemented for successful project completion.   This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring that projects are completed according to schedule and contract and to monitor and expedite project delivery and installation of equipment.  Equipment assembly will include welding and metal fabrication.

The Field Engineer will be responsible for the disassembly, reassembly, remanufacture, and new construction of the following types of machinery: direct-fired, indirect-fired, convection, radiating or impingement ovens; conveyors; silos; packaging machines; and other fully- and semi-automated processing equipment.

The best candidate should have knowledge of the following: reading blueprints, excellent mechanical aptitude, some welding and machine fabrication experience.  Mechanical comprehension is imperative.  A degree is preferred but not required.  This position also requires a lot of teamwork and travel.

Extensive travel is required for this position within and outside of the U.S.A.